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In the quest to make better decisions, perspective is everything. Our Glasshouse system creates a rich 3D interactive data analysis environment from any data source. Hook Glasshouse up to the data sources you already have and gain the power of perspective.
The secure Glasshouse service allows you, and the people you invite, to view and interact with secure 3D visualizations of your data!

  •   Introduction to Glasshouse and how it works:

  •   Multiple data sets correlated:

  •   Obtaining Glasshouse

  •     You will need Java 6 (JRE or JDK)
        Download Glasshouse
        >Contact us for enterprise licensing
        Support forum

  •   Virtual Reality Platforms

  •     Download Green Phosphor's Virtual World
        Second Life instructions
        OLIVE (SAIC)

  •   Glasshouse Domain Examples

  •     Business Intelligence
        Cyber Security
        Fantasy Football

  •   Additional Information

  •     Developers (CICP and MXP)
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